Components to a good cleaning trolley

With a growing emphasis on daytime cleaning, businesses are demanding trolleys that look good – but are also ergonomic, safe, hygienic, and easy to use. Yet with so many options available, the choice can be bewildering. Trolleys, after all, are designed to make cleaning more efficient and allow staff to be more flexible – saving time in what can be a very tight schedule. It is with this in mind we’ve created our six-point guide to creating the perfect cleaning trolley:


For public-facing industries such as hotels, airports and restaurants, the design is important. A well-designed trolley should effectively blend into its surroundings, allowing cleaning teams to work across facilities without disturbing guests.

Cleaning trolleys can also be colour-coded to reduce cross-contamination. Colour-coded buckets inside the trolley help workers to quickly find the right chemicals, tools, and cloths for the job or – for best-practice infection control – colour-code a trolley for each location.

Waste Disposal

Do you need to collect waste and take it with you? If so, you will need a trolley with a built-in waste container of the right capacity. Our plasticized bags allow you to collect waste sacks throughout your cleaning journey, before bulk-disposal at the end (saving time and mess!), while internal lidded waste compartments allow you to shield passers-by from potentially hazardous chemical and textile waste.


Consider where your cleaning trolley will be used. If you are leaving the trolley unattended in a public area, choose one with a lockable compartment for chemicals.


How much cleaning equipment and chemicals do you, or your cleaning staff, need daily? What can you pre-load on to the trolley, and what will differ from site to site?

Your trolley must have enough space to deal with every cleaning requirement: it is, after all, equivalent to your cleaning cupboard, so choose your configuration accordingly.

Floor Surface

Assess what floor surfaces you have: for carpeted areas, or sites where you must go outside, the wheels must be bigger, otherwise, too much force will be needed to push the trolley. If you are dealing with hard floors, how many mops will you need?


The space you must manoeuvre in is key – after all, the trolley must work for you. We have created our MULTI and COMPACT trolleys specifically for smaller areas, combining great storage capacity and functionality within a highly compact frame.

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