Workplace Assessment

If you would like to embrace a holistic view to investigate how your cleaning regimes could be improved to help achieve your overall business goals then our Workplace Assessment could be the right choice for you. This scheme will involve:

  • Thorough on site investigation of your current working practices throughout all of your zones and applications
  • Time and motion studies of current working practices and in- depth interviews to gather the feedback of members of your team
  • Detailed documentation on current working practices, challenges and an overview of your performance compared to best practice
  • Detailed report on potential improvements and a personalised implementation programme

What will we need from you?

Details on the task or zone that you would like help with:

  • What is being cleaned?
  • What is the challenge?
  • What would you like to improve?

A detailed understanding of your organisational goals and objectives. This helps us to understand the key drivers for change and ensures we make better proposals

Access to site for initial investigations, accompanied by Senior Supervisor or Facilities Manager

Access to your cleaning teams for detailed investigations, time and motion studies and their feedback.

Details on current purchased products, volumes and prices to enable detailed cost saving calculations.

Access to key decision making unit to present findings and proposals

What can you expect from us?

Access our Insight Team for great advice on how rethink approaches and reduce cleaning costs, improve results and make the right sustainable and compliant product selection

A well established and robust orientation process to ensure we have a clear understanding of your organisation objectives, budgets, structures and facilities. Our proven orientation process is always conducted personally by your dedicated Insight specialist who will remain with you throughout the whole process.

Initial on site investigation with our “walk the floor” approach. Every zone in scope is visited by our Insight specialist along with your nominated leadership contact to create a base understanding of the zones, tools, processes used throughout your facilities.

In depth deeper dives in each zone agreed with our “watch the work” approach. Here we spend time with your operational cleaning teams observing their specific practices, undertake time and motion studies and also collect and collate their qualitative feedback.

Detailed personalised report that will provide you with an overview of current working practices, observed performances, a summary of qualitative feedback as well as a score against typical best practice. A personalised improvement programme along with a detailed implementation programme with agreed milestones. All implementation plans are project managed by one of our specialists to ensure maximum impact and effective delivery.

Ongoing review and refine programme at agreed milestones throughout the following 12 months.