Celebrating an excellent working partnership with BAM, this is the first in a series of newsletters from Arrow County Supplies that aims to highlight and share best cleaning practice currently being experienced or implemented throughout BAM buildings across the UK.

To enable all BAM initiatives to see what is working well within other sites, please share this newsletter with your colleagues and internal networks.

For further information on any of the projects highlighted in this newsletter email the team at Arrow County Supplies directly, or alternatively take a look at our website for the full picture of what we do and how we do it.

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Enabling BAM to ensure constant compliance with the law surrounding the Control of Substances Hazardous to Health (COSHH), Arrow has successfully launched a Train the Trainer course at BAM’s Bristol School’s Project.Developed in collaboration with BAM’s Cleaning Forum and implemented in partnership with Emma Compton, Assistant Facilities Manager at the Project, the initiative has received an excellent response from course delegates. Emma comments:

“Working with Arrow to develop the training course was a fantastic opportunity, as we were able to create a training package that was not only completely in-line with organisational policy and procedures, but that simultaneously satisfied COSHH regulations and guidance.

“The training was extremely ‘user-friendly’ which was great. Answering questions and achieving learning goals as we went along, the training material and the method in which it was delivered was interesting and interactive. My cleaning supervisors and I all enjoyed the experience and left the session feeling enthusiastic and fully-equipped to deliver the course to our own teams… which we are now focused on rolling out.”

Providing all delegates with a complete pack of training materials which includes all supporting documentation such as certificate templates and Powerpoint presentations; Arrow ensures that all delegates leave the course confident in their learning and equipped to cascade the training down throughout the team or facility. Emma concludes:

“We were the first ones to experience this excellent training and since then, other teams with BAM are accessing the course as a result of my recommendations.”

For further information or to book Arrow’s FREE COSHH Train the Trainer course, please click here.

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Derby Police Headquarters are preparing to trial Arrow’s Double Bucket Mop further to an Arrow audit revealing the increased efficiency and budget savings gains than could be made with a simple product swap.

Reviewing the multi-cell custody suite, Arrow recommended the Double Bucket Mop solution as a better way to ensure fast, thorough and compliant cleaning to a high-traffic area. Rachel Ford, Cleaning Supervisor at Derbyshire Police Headquarters explains:

“Required to implement a cleaning provision that complies with NHS standards, it was vital that we found a solution that would offer fast and thorough cleaning without compromise. The area that Arrow based their audit for us on has a high turn-around and after each cell is vacated, an all-encompassing clean is administered to ensure a safe, clean and hygienic cell, kitchen, medical unit and office area awaits the next person and staff members that use the facilities. There are a lot of flat surfaces and ground to cover, so ease of use was very important in any new product that we were to consider.

When Arrow demonstrated the Double Bucket Mop system to the cleaning team, it was clear to see where our current system was lacking, through the benefits that this new product was offering. A less-intensive wringing method and a flat, lighter mop meant that this was a much easier tool to use, which inevitably highlighted how our processes could be made significantly faster.”
Due to imminently start the trial period, Rachel and her team are looking forward to the receiving and using the new equipment. For further information on the Double Bucket Mop solution from Arrow, please contact us here.

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Used widely throughout BAM sites, Arrow’s Easy Shine solution is perfect for cleaning where demands on cleaning efficiency and hygiene are high. This kit makes it simple to clean glass and stainless-steel surfaces, only requiring one step process. No buffing required.

Reducing the welfare impact of cleaning staff, the handle on the Easy Shine solution allows easy cleaning of high and low surfaces, including cramped spaces. Reducing cleaning time by up to 50%, Easy Shine is proving to be a very efficient method that gives superior results. For further information on Easy Shine, please contact us here.