Essential natural resources are becoming increasingly valuable and are ultimately irreplaceable. Businesses must do everything they can to maximise their sustainability profile and reduce their carbon footprint. These helpful tips will allow your business to evaluate areas where you may be able to improve and ensure your business runs in the greenest way possible.

  1. Make your meetings green

Make the most of technological advances to communicate quickly and efficiently across different parts of the business. Utilise tools like Skype and conference call facilities to reduce the need to travel for meetings. Keep other daily tasks like taking notes and making bookings online-only to minimise your paper construction.

  1. Target the staff kitchen

There are a number of ways you can reduce the waste and consumption in your staff kitchen. Make sure the dishwasher is full before you switch it on, and make sure appliances like water boilers are switched off overnight. Provide a small compost bin for used tea bags and food, and if you provide catering facilities try to source local, fresh meals.

  1. Create a culture of recycling

Recycling paper is often the extent of a business’ recycling policy, but there are so many more opportunities to reduce the amount of waste you send to landfill. Make sure you also recycle ink cartridges, batteries and old mobile phones. Place recycling bins in convenient places across your buildings which your staff and visitors can access easily.

  1. Streamline your cleaning and maintenance operations

There are a variety of ways you can shake up your cleaning and maintenance operations to maximise your sustainability profile. Switching to an eco-friendly cleaning product range which boast chemical-free ingredients, specialised dose control mechanisms and recyclable packaging can make a significant contribution towards your responsibility targets.

  1. Find a new way to commute

Cars making the daily commute to your buildings will produce considerable levels of greenhouse gas emissions. Introduce a carpooling scheme to motivate and enable staff members to share lifts to and from the workplace, and promote public transport and cycling as alternate means of transport for those who live close by.

Keep sustainability in mind throughout the working day and make your staff aware of the importance of eco-friendly business practice. Keeping these principles in mind will help your business to smash its responsibility targets over and over again.

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