Our MANUDISH range of dishwashing detergents is now official Cradle to Cradle GOLD-certified, bringing our Greencare® portfolio to over 20 Cradle to Cradle certified products.

COVID-19 has catalysed the demand for effective, environmentally friendly cleaners. With the use of hazardous disinfecting products at record heights, users are increasingly seeking a greener alternative to their standard cleaning products. Cleaning teams and facilities management companies want products that are productive, efficient and, most of all, safe for their cleaners and the environment.

The importance of green products has never been clearer. Cleaning teams are exposed daily to hazardous cleaning products, and as cleaning times increase, the risk of illness, asthma or even lung damage becomes a very real possibility. Users are educating themselves to better understand what is in their cleaning products, and are confident that greener cleaning products are the safer choice.

That’s where our MANUDISH range fits in. Providing fast, intensive cleaning at a low dosage, it’s not just environmentally-friendly, but safe for people too. All products are free of toxic, harmful and hazardous substances; manufactured from natural materials; plastic and microplastic free and packaged in bottles made from up to 100% recycled material.

It’s the reason why Cradle to Cradle GOLD is one of the most prestigious sustainability accreditations, and with a growing number of brands, organisations and standards recognising Cradle to Cradle as their preferred product standard for responsible purchasing decisions, we’re excited to be able to expand our Cradle to Cradle range still further.

About The Golden Winners

MANUDISH original:  Dishwashing detergent with strong grease and oil dissolving power, economical in use and also dermatologically tested.

MANUDISH neoSmart:  Double concentrated dishwashing detergent with strong grease dissolving power and easy and flexible dosing thanks to the membrane technology of the Smart bottle.

MANUDISH sensitive: Hypoallergenic hand dishwashing detergent. Free of fragrances and dyes, suitable for sensitive skin. The formulation is also CLP-free for maximum user safety.

MANUDISH essential: High-performance, fragrance-free hand dishwashing detergent. A highly concentrated formula with an active foam.