Arrow County Supplies are delighted to announce that they are the exclusive UK distributors for an award-winning new cleaning product QUICK AND EASY that delivers professional cleaning results without compromise with a revolutionary new mobile dosing system that is safe, green, practical and powerful.

We know that many organisations have a strong desire to embrace more sustainable cleaning processes but have become frustrated with the results that they get from green cleaning formulations, but not anymore as Quick and Easy sets new standards in performance, sustainability, user safety as well as productivity.

  • An innovative foam spray head that automatically dilutes the QUICK & EASY concentrated formulas for easy, exact and safe dosing using foam to ensure improved product utilisation with effective contamination reduction, when compared to conventional cleaning sprays.
  • Four powerful and effective QUICK & EASY formulations mean that there is one for all main cleaning requirements, and they are quick and easy to swap at the point of use.
  • QUICK & EASY, comply to a new standard of environmental sustainability – Cradle to Cradle. The robust accreditation process only certifies products that are sustainable and all formulations are “Gold Certified”.
  • All ingredients are certified as safe for people and nature, the innovative automatic dilution of the product makes it “CLP free in application”, recognising that it is free from hazardous materials as set out in the EU CLP Regulation on classification, labelling and packaging of substances.
  • The QUICK & EASY belt, combined with a water cartridge that can be refilled anywhere, means this is a portable and powerful system that ensures cleaning professionals are as productive as possible.

As the UK’s exclusive distributors of the QUICK & EASY innovative cleaning solution, we are delighted to answer any questions you may have so why not get in touch? For more information, please visit the new QUICK AND EASY website.