The cleaning industry is constantly evolving, and new technology and procedures are improving the quality and efficiency of cleaning and hygiene practice worldwide. Here is a list of some of our favourite recent innovations in the cleaning sector.

  1. RA 660 NAVI – a hard floor cleaning robot by Cleanfix Reinigungssyteme AG.

Why it’s an innovation favourite: Winner of the ‘Machines, Accessories and Components’ category at the 2016 ISSA Interclean Amsterdam Innovation awards.

Tell me more: The robo RA 660 Navi is equipped with a unique patented laser navigation system, three cleaning brushes and a suction cup. RA 660 Navi scrubs and vacuums independently and with high levels of efficiency whenever you want. It is easy to operate and is cost-effective.

  1. Healthcare Cleaning Mobile Management System by Leviy

Why it’s an innovation favourite: Shortlisted as a finalist for the ‘Best Use of Technology by Contractors in the Cleaning Industry’ category in the 2016 European Cleaning & Hygiene Awards.

Tell me more: This pro-active platform provides continuous insight into the real-time processes and the cleaning status of hospitals. Cleaning staff and other users are connected throughout the day and can view the progress of specific processes, quality control, the cleaning status of beds and rolling stock e.g. wheelchairs, planning, technical issues and protocols. Maps of rooms and buildings are updated in real-time, allowing detailed day-to-day planning of cleaning activities. Cleaning staff can report back on completed tasks using comments and photos.

  1. Quick & Easy cleaning sprays by Werner & Mertz Professional / tana-Chemie GmbH

Why it’s an innovation favourite: Winner of the ‘Equipment/Tools for Cleaning, Care and Safety’ category at the 2016 ISSA Interclean Amsterdam Innovation Awards.

Tell me more: Quick & Easy is a portable dosing system which needs no installation and no instructions. It provides a simple, practical and safe cleaning solution. The operator wears the system on a belt and can move from room to room with five selected formulations, interchanging between them quickly and easily and without coming into direct contact with the formulation. It boasts an easy ‘plug-and-play system’ which dilutes the formulation and creates a “foam-spray” effect. The refill cartridges are C2C GOLD certified, material health platinum.

  1. SMARTtrak information management system by ICE

Why it’s an innovation favourite: Winner of the ‘Best Management System’ category at the 2015 Cleaning Show Innovation Awards.

Tell me more: SMARTtrak gives real-time visibility of cleaning and maintenance equipment. It can deduce the location of each machine, when it has been used and how long for. It also provides detailed information about maintenance schedules, equipment security, battery and motor performance, and service deadlines. This information can be accessed remotely from any PC, tablet or smartphone and also includes easy-to-follow on-site training via video links.

  1. SpillEx Super Absorbant Pads by Vileda Professional

Why it’s an innovation favourite: Winner of the ‘Best Cleaning Product’ category at the 2015 Cleaning Show Innovation Awards.

Tell me more: SpillEx is a disposable floor cloth designed for fast spill removal of a wide range of water based liquids from hard floors e.g. blood in operation theatres and soft drink spillages in restaurants. The cloth is highly absorbent and ensures fast, safe removal of liquids before actual floor mopping takes place. The spill remover absorbs up to 1.200 ml of water and once absorbed, the liquid is quickly converted into a gel. This means there are no leaking fluids, no direct hand contact, no risk of soiling the bucket water with the spillage and therefore no risk of cross-contamination.

These examples showcase some of the exciting developments taking place in the cleaning industry today, and gives insight into how businesses are able to continually improve their cleaning services over time.

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