Weather in the United Kingdom is well known for being unpredictable. There will be many occasions when we’re warned a big cold front is coming in and we should all be prepared. Quite often this doesn’t materialise the way it has been forecast; thankfully. However, would your business have been prepared if a cold spell did hit?

With unpredictability in mind, it’s very important for businesses to be prepared for every winter eventuality, as it can seriously disrupt productivity if not planned for. To help along the way, we give you our three P’s of winter preparation:

Your premises are the hub of business activity. Therefore they need to be safe for employees and the public to access. To do this, you need a plan of action:

  • How will we clear the access points?
  • Who will clear them?
  • What will be done after to keep them safe?

Once you have pinpointed the correct procedure with your team, you need to ensure you have the right equipment. There is a wide range of winter products in the marketplace that serve different scales and purposes. Ensure you buy the right and appropriate sized equipment for your use. This will save you both time and money.

For example, if your business requires hygiene to be of a high standard, then White Salt is the better option for you as it is purer than other de-icing agents and leaves little residue. However, brown rock salt is most commonly used on public highways and pavements as it is visible on snow, but leaves more residue than its counterpart.

Your employees must also be prepared for winter weather, as your business productivity will be severely reduced should employees not be able to make it into work. A good tip is to provide them all with a winter car kit,

  • Hi-vis
  • De-icer
  • Scraper
  • Screen shield
  • Screen wash etc

This way, during even icy and frosty periods they can be prepared to sort their vehicle. Your employees are what keep your business ticking – ensure they are prepared or know the procedure for cold weather.

Finally, put them together. Ensuring your personnel know how to sort your premises is a great way to ensure that processes are carried out to the highest standard. Without a process behind your planning, a cold winter storm can catch you out and sometimes hamper business productivity.