Switching to a higher performing range of cleaning products can seem like a step into the unknown – you may worry about whether the initial investment, which is likely to be more than you have spent on cleaning products in the past, will pay off in the long run and help to improve the efficiency of your cleaning regimes. However, the business benefits of higher performing cleaning products are evident and will save your business both time and money in the long term.

Less is more

It is perhaps obvious that a higher quality product will produce more effective and long-lasting cleaning results. You can use less of the product to achieve the same result, complete the task more quickly and reduce the frequency with which your teams are cleaning specific areas. This means you are able to increase the longevity of your product stores, and can reduce costs in replacing products which are running low. Subsequently, you will also reduce your storage needs and waste production, and the costs these processes inevitably ensue.

Minimise your energy consumption

Investing in a high quality product range will minimise your energy consumption in a number of ways. Decreasing the frequency with which you complete specific cleaning tasks can reduce your total water consumption, and reduce the need to use electrical appliances. As your cleaning tasks are likely to take less time, you can also cut your running electricity demands during the cleaning process including lighting and heating costs.

Spend your time wisely

As cleaning tasks are likely to be completed more quickly, and to a high standard in a consistent manner, your business will have more time to review your current practise, isolate areas of potential weakness and improve the efficiency of your cleaning processes to match the efficacy of your cleaning products.

Consolidate your product range

Higher quality products are more likely to tackle a wider variety of surfaces or target areas, allowing you to consolidate your product range. This will allow you to reduce the resources needed to store your cleaning supplies. You can also cut the time normally spent training your staff, and can ensure that your workforce has a comprehensive understanding of how the products work and which surfaces they target.

So make the most of your cleaning and maintenance budget and don’t waste time or sacrifice on results; realise the long term business benefits of investing in a higher performing range of cleaning products.

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