SlipStop Cone


SlipStop simplifies the process of collecting dripping liquids
Secures the affected area
Innovative device
Mitigates the slip hazard

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Keeps visitors safe –
Acts as a hazard control collecting water efficiently and out of sight

Superior coverage –
product can cover a wide area when used in conjunction with another

Obstacle removal –
no need for additional signage or equipment to be used further reducing trip hazards and cost

High visibility –
product is easy to spot in comparison to traditional methods, further improving visitor safety

Reduced manual handling –
Fewer items reduces lifting requirements which therefore improves efficiency for the user

Improved response time –
substantially reduced set up time means that the user can respond quickly to a hazard

Visually more attractive –
Projects a more professional appearance within the centre. The SlipStop also comes with the option of branded panels, allowing companies to maximise their corporate identity whilst ensuring visitor safety.