Quick and Easy

An award winner for Innovation at ISSA Interclean (Amsterdam) 2016, QUICK & EASY is an exciting new cleaning system that challenges the status quo whilst delivering obvious improvements in cleaning effectiveness and efficiency.

Product Overview

QUICK & EASY is a safe, green, practical and powerful portable dosing system comprising four powerful cleaning formulas.

The cleaning operator wears the system on a purpose-designed belt, moving from one cleaning environment to the next fully equipped with four powerful cleaning formulas, switching between them quickly and easily depending on the cleaning task at hand.

The Spray Head

Each operator requires just one spray head. The spray head is easily attached and detached via a robust lock-and-key system to a formula and a water cartridge. Therefore, there is no need for installation and the operator does not come into direct contact with the concentrate, making it completely safe to use.

The QUICK & EASY cleaning formula is accurately and automatically diluted each time the operative triggers the spray, delivering a powerful cleaning foam. This automatic dilution eliminates the need for the operator to mix the formula, ensuring the formula is always used at its most effective concentration, and prevents product wastage created by overdosing.

The Water Cartridge

Each QUICK & EASY system includes a water cartridge which is refillable everywhere, eliminating the need for the operator to walk back to a centrally located dosing point.

Once refilled the water cartridge is simply locked back into place and cleaning can resume. Each water cartridge can generate up to 2260 sprays cleaning well in excess of 1000 m2!

Four Powerful Formulas

QUICK & EASY is available in four formulas that can be quickly and easily swapped, equipping the operator for the widest range of cleaning tasks.

The range includes TANET interior, a universal surface cleaner, TANEX performa a high performing stain remover, SANET daily, a sanitary maintenance cleaner and Grease off, a universal kitchen cleaner.