An Award Winner for Innovation at Interclean 2016, QUICK & EASY is an exciting new powerful cleaning solution that challenges the status quo whilst delivering obvious improvements in cleaning effectiveness and efficiency.

“It delivers great results and Tanet Performa is a really powerful solution for the removal of stubborn stains and scuff marks on floors”

Emily Hewitson, Tameside Hospital NHS Trust

Available in four powerful formulas:

TANET interior – Universal surface cleaner

  • Thanks to its bio-alcohol based essence TANET interior shows lowest residue formation and is the ideal choice for all water resistant surfaces (including window cleaning);
  • The high wetting surfactants provide an exceptional clear and streak-free cleaning performance;
    Highly material friendly;
  • CLP free in application.

TANEX performa – Power cleaner

  • The unrivalled eco-effective degreasing properties of TANEX performa are a result of the plant-based solvents in the core of its formulation;
  • Ideally suitable for all plastic-coated surfaces indoor and outdoor;
  • Outstanding cleaning performance with low residue formation;
  • Leaves a pleasant fragrance;
  • CLP free in application.

SANET daily – Sanitary maintenance cleaner

  • The unique lactic acid traits provide an unmatched boosting effect to SANET daily providing powerful descaling effects and lime soap and limescale removal properties;
  • 88% of organic carbon processed in SANET daily originates from renewable plant resources giving it a profile of unmatched eco-effectiveness;
    Suitable for all acid-resistant surfaces in sanitary areas and bathrooms;
  • Excellent adherence on vertical surfaces through foam formation;
  • CLP free in application.

GREASE-off – universal kitchen cleaner

  • Thanks to its triple action surfactant mixture GREASE-off shows remarkable wetting properties, unrivalled emulsifying power and excellent cleaning results;
  • The unmatched degreasing qualities of GREASE off are linked to the use of plant-based solvents;
  • For all water-resistant surfaces in food processing areas;
  • Fast-acting formulation for long-lasting results.

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