Arrow County Supplies are delighted to offer its customers QUICK & EASY – a practical and cost-effective cleaning solution that is both safe and green without compromising cleaning performance.

QUICK & EASY is a powerful cleaning solution that is practical, it includes:

  • An innovative foam spray head that automatically dilutes the QUICK & EASY concentrated formulas for easy, exact and safe dosing:
    – Creating foam to ensure improved product utilisation and reducing contamination, when compared to conventional cleaning sprays;
    – With a ‘no spill’ lock-and-key systems for the safe and secure attachment of the concentrated cleaning formula;
  • A water cartridge refillable everywhere, so there is no need to walk back to a centrally located dosing point, eliminating unnecessary walking;
  • Four QUICK & EASY highly sustainable and powerful formulations that are quick and easy to swap depending on the cleaning task;
  • A purpose-designed QUICK & EASY belt allowing the water cartridge, four cleaning formulations and cloths to be easily and comfortably carried.

QUICK & EASY is an innovative professional cleaning system that is safe, green, practical and powerful. It is available in four formulas making it the perfect cleaning solution for a wide range of environments. The range includes TANET interior, a universal surface cleaner, TANEX performa a high performing stain remover, SANET daily a sanitary maintenance cleaner and Grease off, a universal kitchen cleaner.

“We have been using the Quick and Easy system for a while now and really like it.  It is really easy to use and we like the fact that you can swap out the concentrates depending on what needs to be done.”

Emily Hewitson, Tameside Hospital NHS Trust

If you are looking for a thoroughly green, but effective and practical cleaning solution contact Arrow County Supplies, the UK’s exclusive distributor of QUICK & EASY.

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