The Cleaning Operatives specialist tool to maintain escalator risers quickly and effectively

Clean escalators project a positive image. The risers of an escalator ascending or descending from upper levels is a familiar sight upon entering an airport, shopping centre or hotel.

No matter how clean the other areas of the building are, a dirty escalator provokes a negative perception of the facility.

Thanks to the RiserShine, the once painstaking task of maintaining clean risers is a thing of the past.

How to Use

There are different types of escalator which each have differing tread patterns. RiserShine has made this easy by providing colour coded tool heads for the common brand: Red, Blue, Black, Orange. Ensure that the foam profile matches your escalator:

  • Remove Cassette from tool.
  • Wrap the Specialist Escalator Cleaning Cloth around the cassette using the Velcro strips to hold it in place.
  • Snap the cassette and cloth back onto the tool head.
  • Stop the escalator and carry out the cleaning operation.

Ease of Use

  • Very simple to operate, no need for extensive training required
  • No external power source needed
  • Choice of profiled pads to perfectly match all types of riser profile enabling efficient clean
  • Easy to store and transport Can be used in conjunction with any cleaner*
  • * For best results, highly recommend Foaming Cleaner – Tanex Performa Concentrate

Reduce Risk

  • Strong but lightweight, makes it suitable for male or female operatives.
  • Chemical can be applied to the cloth on application which minimises risk of solution coming into contact with escalator mechanism.
  • Allows quick deployment in the event of a spill, which means facility is safer and reduces the chance of accidents happening.

Reduce Cost

  • Low initial outlay to purchase compared to specialist machinery
  • Washable cloth ensures minimal maintenance cost.
  • Quick to deploy, and operate than using a machine or by ‘hand and scourer’.
  • Cleaning task can be carried out by a single person, which maximises productivity
  • Strongly constructed with durable aluminium which provides a long-life cycle.
Easy to remove cloth allows user to quickly change if required.
Pad snaps together easily to ensure perfect match for all types of riser profiles
Rubber strip prevents aluminium head from damaging the treads.
Specialist cloth stretches to fit escalator profile maximising cleaning performance.
Stiff bristles to remove the toughest build up and reach the intricate tread corners.
Reinforced handle does not bend or damage, and ensures pressure is transferred to riser surface.

Maintain escalator risers quickly and effectively