ABM Group Needed A Bespoke Cleaning and Maintenance Solution

Cleaning and Maintenance BespokeABM one of the world’s leading facilities management groups, offering exemplary cleaning and maintenance solutions to the Mander Shopping Centre in Wolverhampton. Mander has a footfall of approximately 17 million people per year and is home to many prominent high street retailers. Currently undergoing a refurbishment due for completion in autumn 2017, the shopping centre will see additional of stores and a new layout design.

The challenge

Like most shopping centres that undergo refurbishments in their lifetime, the facility must remain open to the public while maintaining a safe environment for shoppers. This is a very difficult situation to manage, and one that brings about a number of problems.

Peter Coates General Manager at ABM said:

“We were having really big problems with leaks at the Shopping Centre due to continuing redevelopment works. This presented us a real problem in terms of visitor safety and associated cleaning time.”

Peter contacted numerous suppliers, but all were unable to find an appropriate solution to this persistent problem.

The Solution

Arrow County Supplies conducted an innovation programme in order to review the situation and create a cleaning and maintenance solution. This is an exclusive staged process that enables the core issues of the challenges to be identified in such a way that allows us to generate appropriate solutions to fully meet the requirement.

This resulted in a bespoke cleaning and maintenance solution that enabled ABM to maintain and clean the Mander centre safely and compliantly.

“Arrow’s innovation programme is different to anything I have ever seen. The assessment has addressed our health and safety compliance problems associated with leaks, as well as improving the visual aesthetics of the situation. They have provided us with a real solution to our problem, something which no other company have been able to offer.”

“From my first conversation with Arrow, I knew they had a different way of approaching these kinds of challenges. They were very open minded, listened to my requirements and took time to understand the problem and the implications it was causing. It was very refreshing.”

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