Cafe Fortune Ltd


In conjunction with Café Fortune Ltd an Innovation consultation was carried out at Café Fortune’s Crewe site, specifically enabled to improve challenging procedures the staff undertake. The consultation brought about two problem areas for the site; one, in particular, had health and safety consequences. Following this consultation Arrow provided Café Fortune with a number of solutions:

  • Increase health and safety for staff

  • Maximise storage space

  • Increase awareness of cleaning processes

“We first came across Arrow County Supplies Ltd by recommendation from another company in the group. They started supplying us with janitorial products in early 2016 at one of our sites on a trial basis, something that a lot of companies do not offer.

The trial was very successful, with outstanding delivery and customer service from the beginning, it felt like we had been trading with Arrow for years. From the trial, we decided to roll it out to the rest of our sites. During the rollout, Arrow was brilliant at communicating with us and efficiently carrying out our requests; it meant that we could operate as normal, with no disruption to the business.”



A few months into the relationship, Arrow visited Café Fortune’s restaurant in Crewe to undertake an Innovation Consultation, a programme specifically developed by Arrow. This was an assessment of the challenges that face the staff in maintaining a clean and hygienic restaurant, both front and back of the house and other related risk and compliance challenges, in view of recommending innovative ways to improve.

“The process they had in place was very structured and covered every zone in the premises – they left no stone unturned. Initially, we gave them our overall challenges and objectives of the business and with this, we felt that the process was definitely tailored to our interests.”

A health and safety risk was highlighted which is caused by ice used in the cold drinks ending up on the floor creating a slip hazard for staff at the counter. An innovation to mitigate this risk will have far-reaching positive impacts.


How Arrow Helped

After the visit, Arrow produced a report which detailed specific improvement areas and relevant solutions.

“They really took note of the hospitality environment we work in and the fact that customer experience is paramount; they didn’t just try to look for cost savings, but instead incorporated ways that we can improve our service and environment cost-effectively.”

Among the solutions were numerous products that would help provide a solution to the problem areas


“There were a number of products already in existence that we weren’t aware of that Arrow were able to show us. These have made an immediate positive impact in terms of cost reduction, improved hygiene and reducing the time taken to carry out regular repetitive cleaning duties.

“We have been very impressed with Arrow’s approach. Their responsive approach to account management and customer service means that we don’t have to worry about a thing, and they feel more like an arm of our company as opposed to an external supplier.”