Supporting Mental Health Awareness Week 2023 Mental Health Awareness Week, now in its 23rd year, runs from 15-21 May and is hosted by the charity, Mental Health Foundation. We're committed to breaking down barriers around mental health and providing a positive working environment for our staff.  By Frankie Blackledge 15th May 2023 Getting Active In April Celebrating April's Movement Campaign to support our Charity of the Year, The Movement Centre  By Frankie Blackledge 11th May 2023 Supporting The Great British Spring Clean 2023 At Arrow, protecting the environment is something we’re passionate about, and Keep Britain Tidy’s ‘Great British Spring Clean’ campaign is one that resonates closely with our own environmental aims. By Frankie Blackledge 3rd April 2023 Discover SlipStop® Leaking roofs are a constant problem for properties in all industries. Roofing repairs are costly, time-consuming, and can cause major disruption to building operations - while the risk of slips and trips to visitors is very real. That's why we developed SlipStop. By Frankie Blackledge 15th November 2022 Struggling to keep your safety flooring immaculate? Safety flooring is designed to prevent accidents in commercial environments thanks to its anti-slip properties, created to prevent slips, trips and falls. However, the ridges in safety flooring encourages a thick build-up debris made up of bacteria over time. This decreases the effectiveness of the floors anti-slip properties and makes the flooring difficult and labour-intensive to clean. When left to accumulate, the flooring becomes dirty, unhygienic, and ultimately unsafe. By Honor Johnson 10th August 2022 Want to make your cleaning routine more sustainable? Exclusive to our greencare® range, our Green Care Performance calculator lets you predict, monitor, and measure your CO2, crude oil and plastic savings compared to using standard cleaning chemicals. By getting in touch, we can provide you the information you need to prove your sustainability, promote your efforts, and save on products harmful to the environment! By Honor Johnson 26th May 2022 Single Use Plastics: How Quick & Easy contributes to a Sustainable Future. Lightweight, durable, and resistant to rot and corrosion, plastic is ideal for storing cleaning chemicals. If processed correctly, plastic could be one of the most sustainable materials on the globe. Wasteful disposal of the material has led to eight million tonnes of plastic ending up in the ocean yearly. This has started a movement away from single-use plastic, and progress towards recycled materials. By Honor Johnson 12th May 2022 Why you need a Medical-Grade Air Purifier Arrow are pleased to launch the highest-specification Air Purifier on the market within the UK, currently used by both the NHS and BUPA. The 7-layer filtration system detects, sterilises and kills bacteria, keeping you free from even the smallest germs, including Coronavirus.  By Honor Johnson 12th April 2022 The Importance of Colour-Coded Cleaning: Explained Cleaning is an essential everyday task and follows a rigorous code of practise, one of the most important being colour coding; preventing cross contamination from one area to another. Colour coded cleaning was established in the late 1990’s by The British Institute of Cleaning Science and has since been observed throughout the cleaning industry. By Honor Johnson 25th March 2022 Arrow County Supplies sends donations to Ukraine We are proud to be helping those suffering from the war in Ukraine. The EU have estimated that four million people will attempt to flee Ukraine to escape the conflict, leaving them without daily necessities such as soap, PPE and toilet roll. By Honor Johnson 22nd March 2022 Celebrating 45! 2021 was a landmark year for Arrow, marking our 45th year as a company. It’s certainly been a momentous journey, spanning more than four decades, and including more than four generations of family leadership. From our initial inception in 1976 as a small supplier of vending ingredients, we’ve grown to become one of the UK’s largest independent cleaning and janitorial suppliers. By Frankie Blackledge 23rd December 2021 We are CHSA Accredited! Arrow County Supplies are pleased to announce we are now CHSA accredited! It’s a fantastic note on which to finish the year, recognising our continued focus on providing the best possible solutions while ensuring the highest possible product quality. By Honor Johnson 20th December 2021 To clean, sanitise or disinfect? One of the main preventive measures that individuals can take in the fight against Covid-19 is to wash their hands regularly with soap and water and, where soap and water aren’t available, use hand sanitiser gel. But what about organisations working tirelessly to prevent the spread of the virus in workplaces and public spaces? The advice is to increase how often and how thoroughly they normally clean these areas, as well as cleaning surfaces they do not normally clean. By Frankie Blackledge 14th December 2021 Our Sweetlake Distribution Centre Is Now Open! We’re excited to announce that our new Sweetlake warehouse and office facility is now fully operational! It’s a key achievement on our 2021 roadmap, and will have a significant impact on our stockholding and distribution capability – helping us drive more efficient delivery processes and support ongoing growth.  By Frankie Blackledge 11th October 2021 We're Exhibiting at The London Cleaning Show Come and see us at the London Cleaning Show – the UK’s largest cleaning and hygiene event. Running from the 2nd – 4th November, it’s a real opportunity to shout about the critical role the industry has played in the COVID-19 pandemic, and showcase the latest innovations keeping business, hospitals and facilities safe. By Frankie Blackledge 4th October 2021 Our Cradle to Cradle GOLD family has grown! Our MANUDISH range of dishwashing detergents is now official Cradle to Cradle GOLD-certified, bringing our Greencare® portfolio to over 20 Cradle to Cradle certified products. By Frankie Blackledge 15th June 2021 Introducing our Charity of the Year! As part of our commitment to charitable causes, every year Arrow County Supplies selects a Charity Partner who become the focus of our company fundraising activities. By Alistair Oakley 10th June 2021 Supporting KFC and the Great British Spring Clean Proud to be supporting the team at KFC UK as they take part in the Great British Spring Clean!   By Alistair Oakley 4th June 2021 Celebrating our EcoVadis Silver Medal Arrow County are proud to announce that we have been awarded a Silver EcoVadis Medal, placing Arrow County in the 92nd percentile of over 75,000 companies assessed by EcoVadis. By Alistair Oakley 25th May 2021 Why You Should Make The Switch to Quick & Easy The benefits of a fast and effective cleaning routine are becoming increasingly meaningful. With cleaning times up by over 20% since 2020 and use of cleaning chemicals at a record high, the challenge of maintaining a cleaning routine that is not only effective but cost-effective is real. By Frankie Blackledge 13th April 2021 Arrow Join RRT & Supply Food Boxes To Local Primary School Here at Arrow, charitable work is one of our key company values, and we are committed to supporting charities locally and nationally. 12th March 2021 Our Guide to Creating the Perfect Cleaning Trolley With a growing emphasis on daytime cleaning, businesses are demanding trolleys that look good – but are also ergonomic, safe, hygienic, and easy to use. By Frankie Blackledge 9th February 2021 Can a HEPA filter vacuum protect against COVID-19? Ever since the current pandemic began, HEPA filters have become an increasingly popular topic for discussion – a way to protect against COVID-19 beyond face masks, social distancing and regular sanitising. By Frankie Blackledge 12th January 2021 Arrow’s Covid-19 Update While we have got everything crossed for brighter times ahead, following the announcement of the latest lockdown, we have put together answers to some frequently asked questions about what we are doing to make sure we continue to supply essential products to your company, whilst ensuring our staff remain safe. By Frankie Blackledge 7th January 2021