Safety flooring is designed to prevent accidents in commercial environments thanks to its anti-slip properties, created to prevent slips, trips and falls. However, the ridges in safety flooring encourages a thick build-up debris made up of bacteria over time. This decreases the effectiveness of the floors anti-slip properties and makes the flooring difficult and labour-intensive to clean. When left to accumulate, the flooring becomes dirty, unhygienic, and ultimately unsafe.

The Ocelot has been with safety flooring in mind. The machines rapid movements, known as oscillation, refers to the machine’s rapid movement back and forth over the flooring. Boasting over 3,000 rounds of 7mm cleaning action per minute, the Ocelot provides impeccable performance with little hassle. The rapid speed and easy movement of the machine allows the user to benefit from high-performance cleaning, with minimum effort.

The Victor Ocelot delivers exceptional cleaning performance through high powered, cross wise oscillation. By deeply penetrating the safety flooring with its oscillating action, even ingrained dirt becomes agitated and is drawn to the top. The microfibre pads at the base of the machine collect the dirt from the ground and offer edge to edge cleaning capabilities, minimising the need for chemicals and enhancing cleaning performance.

Designed and manufactured in the UK by industry leading floorcare brand Victor, the Ocelot benefits from the following:

Superior cleaning results – successfully designed to target the surface of safety flooring which is notorious for clinging on to dirt and bacteria. Floors are left clean, dry and safe to walk on instantly.

Reduced chemical use – the efficiency of the oscillations, combined with the abrasiveness of the microfibre pads, limits the requirement for detergents.

Fast charge and long runtime – fully charged in 4 hours with a 90-minute runtime, the Ocelot features swap out, long life batteries, ensuring it can withstand any heavy-duty tasks.

Easy to use – the Ocelot requires minimal training and works effectively by just turning it on, releasing solution as needed and moving it across the floors. This in turn reduces excess labour costs.

Sustainable benefits – use of chemicals is minimised and the microfibre pad can be reused over and over again. This reduces harsh substances being disposed incorrectly and limits single-use materials.



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Before and after results of using the Victor Ocelot on safety flooring.