From the very beginning, our mission has been "to provide hygiene for humanity", and this commitment to sustainability remains at the heart of how we operate. We believe we have a responsibility that goes beyond the products and services we sell, and are committed to positively impacting the PLANET, our PEOPLE and wider COMMUNITY in which we operate.

These three themes are the heart of our “For Humanity” sustainability strategy, reflecting our core commitments to reduce our environmental footprint, and positively impact on our people and the communities in which we operate.



Arrow are committed to minising the environmental impact of our operations across our value chain, with a target of becoming a Net Zero business by 2040. Our approach includes: 

  • Expanding our sustainable Greenleaf portfolio
    • Promoting and growing our Greencare® Professional chemical range.
    • Ensuring 100% products have a certified environmentally-friendly alternative.
    • Working with our manufacturers and suppliers to introduce carbon tracking, ensuring we are on-track to meet Scope 3 emissions targets.
  • Reducing the impact of our company vehicles, buildings and supply chain.
    • Investing in alternative energy sources to reduce energy consumption, including introducing electric fleet vehicles.
    • Digitising our operational processes to reduce energy consumption, including investment in AI technology.
    • Expanding on-site recycling facilities to promote sustainable waste disposal.
  • Reducing waste through the delivery of circular economy solutions.
    • Responsible disposal and recycling of used dispensers systems.
    • Implementing reusable packaging solutions.
    • Investigate sustainable take-back schemes for consumables, including paper and chemicals items.


Arrow are committed to providing an outstanding employee experience and becoing a local employer of choice, continuing to:

  • Invest in workforce development to support our staff in reaching their full potential.
    • Providing appraisals and training programs for every member of staff.
    • Provide additional training to ensure our management approach supports personal development and nurtures opportunity and talent.
  • Provide an inclusive, empowering working environment.
    • Using our “Colleague Circle”, chaired by members from every department, to engage with staff and promote employee voice.
    • Provide meaningful team-building experiences for all staff, encouraging engagement and partnerships across all departments.
  • Promote employee wellbeing, ensuring staff feel happy, safe and supported in their roles.
    • Constantly develop our employee benefits programme
    • Offering flexible working to ensure work-life balance is prioritised for everyone.


We proactively work in with our customers and charitable organisations to design, develop and deliver unique community benefit programmes, donating £383,671 to charity in 2023. To continue this good work, we will:

  • Drive local employment opportunities.
    • Continue our partnership with Telford College’s Apprenticeship programme
    • Provide work experience for 5 students/year.
    • Work in local schools to deliver careers advice sessions
  • Develop sustainable supply chains, taking a 'keep it local' approach to supply.
    • Hosting regional “Meet the Buyer” events to engage local supply chains.
    • Using our procurement process to proactivey support local, SME manufacturers.
  • Support the communities in which we operate via joint social impact programmes.
    • Pledging local community support for every contract we manage.
    • Supporting our Charity of the Year through fundraising activities and donations.


Our For Humanity approach closely aligns with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Established in 2017, these provide a blueprint to address the global challenges we face, and we are committed to supporting the Global Compact principles.

We have identified 3 SDGs that we can directly impact through our operations:


Our 2023 Sustainability Report highlights our progress against our three key pillars in the last 12 months.