We're passionate about finding new ways that make your teams more productive, improve standards & reduce costs

We're Market Leaders in Cleaning Innovation & Development

We know that there will always be those parts of your cleaning programmes where you think “there must be an easier way” and we understand that it can be frustrating. These are often the processes that take you the most time and the ones that get put off or avoided. We help you think outside of the box to solve these problems by proving useful cleaning innovations. To us, innovation in commercial cleaning isn’t just about creating new products, it’s also about developing better working practices and adapting what you have to better suit your needs.

We are passionate about harnessing innovation in cleaning and are constantly seeking products and new ways of working that make your teams more productive, improve standards and reduce costs. Cleaning innovations can be brought about by persistent problems or simply the drive to become more efficient in your working practices.

Reduce Cleaning Costs

We understand that there is a constant and increasing pressure to deliver more for less and the ability to reduce cleaning costs and strong budget management are business critical. We also understand that full cost assessment requires significant time and effort. To help you, we have built teams that are experienced in identifying potential cost savings through product alternatives and application use so that you can make the most of your cleaning budget.

Improving labour efficiency is one of the most effective methods of saving money as workflow processes can become less effective over time. We understand that you need to revisit methods to ensure maximum efficiency and we provide advice that improves your operational effectiveness. We have a wealth of experience in helping our customers to identify changes that harness innovation and best practice developments to deliver operational improvements and direct and indirect cost reductions.

Improve Hygiene and Standards

Image and perception of cleanliness is often one of the most important factors that affect a person’s opinion of a space or building. We know that you will be under consistent pressure to deliver the highest standards of hygiene within your facilities and when coupled with restricted budgets, this is a challenge particularly for quality hygiene cleaning supplies.

Developing robust hygiene strategies that balance teams and awareness with the right products, processes and control measures will ensure you make a positive and lasting impact in the workplace. Your cleaning team is one of the most valuable assets you have within your operation and can greatly enhance your hygiene standards. We inspire you to get the best out of your processes, whether that’s through training, workshops or simple discussion. Using our expertise and your internal knowledge, we can help you boost your hygiene standards with the best hygiene cleaning supplies

Ensure Compliance

Compliance comes as standard to us. We know it’s difficult to stay on top of changing legislation and in most industries a failure to comply has significant consequences. We make it our duty to inform you of relevant changes in compliance procedures so that you can concentrate on the task at hand. As an established supplier, we can help you with European REACH legislation, to ensure that you have the most up-to-date information, data sheets and relevant training.

We work within COSHH guidelines, to provide comprehensive industry or sector-specific support, including guidance on the latest Health & Safety legislation and compliance procedures. Utilising our investigative, site-focused approach to risk assessment and management, we can help you identify less obvious sources of potential harm or risk, such as dust, fumes, germs or slip and trip hazards.

You will find that we can help provide practical solutions for safe handling, staff safeguarding and the protection of property, while at the same time balancing quality – and your budget.

Create Innovative Products

We recognise the need for more efficient processes through new innovative products and we continuously explore our exclusive global supply relationships for the latest technology and cleaning innovations, on top of our own client led product development scheme.

You may have sought out solutions to your problem and had no success. This is probably because there isn’t a product out there that does what you want. Don’t worry, we can help. By investigating the problem and utilising our industry knowledge, we can develop an innovative prototype that can help you be even more efficient in your working practices and increase your already high hygiene standards.