An innovative all-in-one leak collection and hazard warning unit – improving leak collection and protecting your business against the cost of slips, trips and falls.

Featuring a unique, integrated bucket and liner system, SlipStop doesn’t just make floors safer, but keeps facilities looking tidier – making it ideal for leak-prone, high-footfall areas where slip and trip prevention is crucial.


SlipStop Products

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Keep Visitors Safe

SlipStop® acts as a hazard control, collecting leaks efficiently and out of sight - reducing onsite health and safety risk with wet floor signs and leak collection kits.

Superior Coverage

Wide funnel design effectively collects and absorbs the leak, eliminating the health and safety risk of wet floors. Additionally, SlipStop’s can be grouped together to further increase coverage, e.g. for multiple leaks, for maximum spill control.

Efficient Manual Handling

All-in-one leak collector consolidates the need for hazard signage and leak collection equipment in one innovative package – simple to fold away and assemble.

Highly Visible

SlipStop’s eye-catching, contemporary design gives 360o visibility of slip hazard, ensuring high-level awareness of leak and associated slip, trip and fall risk.