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The ARROW COUNTY SUPPLIES supply policy is in place to support our business as a leading independent distributor of janitorial and hygiene supplies in the UK.In order to do this we will ensure that all of our supply inputs (goods and services) are obtained in the most cost-effective manner and are of optimum quality, working with the best suppliers to maximise benefit to the most important part of our business – our customers.This will be done with minimum commercial and contractual risk while encouraging technological and process innovation.To achieve the company mission and supply objective, our policy is to:

  • Develop and adopt optimum supply strategies and transaction arrangements that achieve the best value for money at minimum contractual and commercial risk.
  • Recognise the safety, health, environmental, ethical and moral impacts of all supply decisions, and address any that may arise in line with ARROW COUNTY SUPPLIES policy on those issues, with the assistance of our suppliers where appropriate.
  • Develop relationships with our supply market that are the most appropriate to gain a mutual understanding of our needs and our suppliers’ capabilities, and which ensure consistency of quality, reliability, availability and performance at affordable cost.
  • Ensure that our supply requirements are adequately specified in sufficient time to allow both the ARROW COUNTY SUPPLIES procurement practices and the supply market to be able to prepare a proper reaction to the demand.
  • Ensure that our supply activities comply with all applicable laws, regulations, conventions and agreements that are in force in the countries where our requirements are being procured and ensure that the specific supply related requirements of our customers are adhered to.
  • Ensure that controls, procedures and business systems are in place that maintains the highest standards of procurement practice and business ethics.
  • Ensure that payment for supply of goods, works and services are made in accordance with terms agreed at the time the transaction was finalised.
  • Expect our suppliers to manage their own supply base in such a way that ensures the security of supply, and that is not contrary to the ethical and quality standards that we expect from them.
  • Ensure we do not terminate purchase arrangements or relationships without due regard to all material circumstances, appropriate communication and notification to the supplier.
  • Expect ARROW COUNTY SUPPLIES staff to respond sympathetically to genuine errors by suppliers and not take advantage of them. Where errors occur in ARROW COUNTY SUPPLIES’ own practices, we will take appropriate remedial action in a helpful and timely way.