Clean escalators project a positive image. The risers of an escalator ascending or descending from upper levels is a familiar sight upon entering an airport, shopping centre or hotel.


Clean escalators project a positive image. The risers of an escalator ascending or descending from upper levels is a familiar sight upon entering busy areas such as airport, shopping centre or hotel, making it vital to have trusted escalator cleaner. 

No matter how clean the other areas of the building are, a dirty escalator provokes a negative perception of the facility. Thanks to the RiserShine, the once painstaking task of maintaining clean risers is a thing of the past. There are a variety of escalator types, each with different tread patterns. RiserShine has made these easy to identify by providing colour coded tool heads for the common brands;

• Thyssen and Ros
• O&K, Kone
• Schindler

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Reduce Risk

  • Made with strong but lightweight aluminium and composite materials – minimises strain injury in use
  • Foaming cleaner is applied to cloth – keeps cleaning fluid away from escalator mechanism
  • Enables quick response to spills – reduces the chance of accidents

Reduce Cost

  • Much lower purchase cost than specialist machinery
  • Consumable cost is minimalised because RiserShine QuadStretch Woven Cloth can be washed over 500 times
  • Get the job done much faster than using a machine or ‘hand and scourer’
  • Only a single operative is required which maximises productivity
  • The strong and durable tool ensures longevity

Ease of Use

  • Simple to use – no need for extensive training
  • Does not require electrical power
  • Match pad profile to riser brand to ensure efficient clean
  • Easy to store and transport
  • For best results highly recommend Foaming Cleaner – Tanex Performa Concentrate

How to Use

There are different types of escalators which each have differing tread patterns. RiserShine has made this easy by providing colour coded tool heads for the common brand: Red, Blue, Black, Purple. Ensure that the foam profile matches your escalator

  • Remove Cassette from tool
  • Wrap the Specialist Escalator Cleaning Cloth around the cassette using the Velcro strips to hold it in place
  • Snap the cassette and cloth back onto the tool head
  • Stop the escalator and carry out the cleaning operation

What Our Customers Say

I find Arrow really proactive. My Account Manager is great, he frequently phones in to see if there are any products we need, any issues that we're having or see if there is anything he can support us with. Arrow make sure we meet demand and they work to a really good timescale. Working with you is great - you're brilliant and I wish all my suppliers were like you!

Coleg Cambria

Your wonderful ladies have helped us in so many ways since the return from lockdown...they are super stars, and should ever since recieve cake!!

Gastronomy Foods

When you take on a new supplier, you are often a bit nervous. However, with Arrow, I cannot fault them – they’ve really helped us out and it’s been so easy to work with them.

Hertfordshire County Council

Working within a busy Catering and Cleaning department we rely on our suppliers to provide us with a high standard of products and efficient customer service to help us work effectively and efficiently. I am happy to say that for the last four years Arrow has supplied us with both of these - the staff are always extremely helpful, keep us up to date with product changes and updates and are highly professional. The company is genuinely interested in you as a customer and are always supportive - something that did not change even during the pandemic, which made my job so much easier

Powys County Council

Arrow County Supplies are a professional company that provide a high quality service. All staff are cheerful, polite and helpful at all times and will always go that extra mile to keep customers satisfied. Delivery is prompt and if for any reason there are delays, communication is always exceptional. Arrow County Supplies go above and beyond when keeping customers happy, and it is for that reason we continue to use them.

Stafford Borough Council

In my 5 years at UCLAN we’ve only ever worked with Arrow and I really can’t speak highly enough of the service.

We couldn’t have functioned without you over Covid, you’ve been absolutely brilliant. It was a time of huge changes for us; Overnight we had to turn off 330 hand dryers in all our washrooms and implement System 500 which was no mean feat. We’ve had to install new bins in all our washrooms, source sanitiser gel, and sanitiser units across all our facilities and nothing in all of this has ever been too much for Arrow.

You’ve been quick, efficient and supportive; you sort problems before we’ve even noted them ourselves. Your whole team is proactive, professional and friendly, and our account manager is an absolutely fantastic Arrow Ambassador. We feel like your whole team genuinely care about us, and it's just such a great experience working with you.

University of Central Lancashire

Despite the distance that we are from Arrow's base, we find them to be extremely responsive to our requests, a number of which have been rather short notice during the Pandemic as we have needed to respond quickly to changing circumstances and guidelines.

We feel comfortable contacting any of the Arrow team and know with confidence that whoever answers the phone will work with us to provide a solution to whatever challenge we are facing.

It is quite unique to have a relationship with a supplier where we have relaxed, professional relationships with many of their staff despite the distance between us.

University of Sheffield

We use Arrow for all of our cleaning supplies. We have 5 different Campus’ so logistics can sometimes be an issue with deliveries. However, it is never an issue for our Arrow deliveries. They know exactly what we need and where and do so without any issue. We place orders frequently, sometimes a couple of times a day and never have any issues with orders being wrong etc. Communication between Arrow and ourselves is great, we get confirmation when they have received the order and confirmation when the order has been despatched. Arrow are always on hand if we need any advice, their staff are always friendly and helpful.

Covid-19 has had a massive impact on everyone not least ourselves, but Arrows help and guidance throughout has made the whole process so much easier. They understand we have a moral responsibility to provide as a College but also the financial burdens we face and can always offer help and alternative solutions that may be suitable.

Wirral Met College

The Benefits of RiserShine

By Hand
No training
Very Labour Intensive
Average Results
Brush and Sponge System
Minimal training
Labour intensive
By Machine
Excellent results
High capital cost to purchase
Low productivity
Specialised training required
Does not clean right up to edges
Ongoing maintenance costs
Easy to use and ergonomic
Minimal training required
Cleans right up to edges and corners

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