Good hand hygiene prevents the spread of infection and the risk of cross-contamination to reduce absenteeism and sickness, and provides tangible improvements to a users’ washroom experience. Washrooms and food preparation areas are the most common sources of harmful bacteria, and using our experience in healthcare and food processing, we’ve created a powerful, effective range of skincare solutions that complies with the most rigorous standards. Foam and liquid soaps, barrier creams, hand sanitisers and wipes have been carefully selected from Andarta, Deb, Gojo, Purell, Tork and Kleenex. Whether you need effective antimicrobial protection for frequent use, fast-acting infection control or gentle, hypoallergenic and luxurious skincare options, there’s a solution for every environment. From specialist or high traffic areas to executive suites, you’ll also find an all-inclusive range of free-standing and wall mounted dispensers, or pump bottle options, to reduce cost and wastage and help you deliver easy access to effective, appropriate hand hygiene for your service users - wherever it’s needed.

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