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In any work environment where there may be a risk to personal health or safety, from food processing, to construction to catering, Arrow’s carefully selected range of CE-compliant Personal Protection Equipment is proven, reliable and fully tested to meet all relevant PPE Standards. An extensive disposable range includes headwear, masks, snoods, aprons, overshoes/sleeves and coveralls for a variety of uses, including hygiene-critical clinical and food processing environments. All our gloves are fully tested for suitability in a range of uses. From effective barrier, non-reactive, tear-and leak-resistant protection in demanding, hygiene-dependent environments, to robust Kevlar and REACH compliant closed cuff and gauntlet style protection, each glove is suitably rated for comfort and tensile strength. Comfortable, lightweight safety goggles, earplugs and ear defenders are complemented by a range of safety footwear and EN 471-rated Hi-Vis jackets, to provide top-to-toe protection for your staff, wherever it’s needed.

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