Why You Should Make The Switch to Quick & Easy The benefits of a fast and effective cleaning routine are becoming increasingly meaningful. With cleaning times up by over 20% since 2020 and use of cleaning chemicals at a record high, the challenge of maintaining a cleaning routine that is not only effective but cost-effective is real. By Frankie Blackledge 13th April 2021 Our Guide to Creating the Perfect Cleaning Trolley With a growing emphasis on daytime cleaning, businesses are demanding trolleys that look good – but are also ergonomic, safe, hygienic, and easy to use. By Frankie Blackledge 9th February 2021 Introducing Zonitise! Introducing our new partnership with Zonitise! COVID has had a huge impact on the cleaning industry. Cleaning time has increased exponentially as teams work to keep touchpoints and other surfaces safe across facilities. Cleaning regimes have been completely reinvented to support decontamination and sanitisation, leading to huge increases in cleaning time and spend. By Alistair Oakley 25th September 2020 SlipStop Shines at The Cleaning Show 2019! Leaks in public spaces can create numerous health and safety risks for both visitors and staff. These risks not only include slips, trips and falls for the public, it also puts businesses and organisations at risk of liability claims. This is why we created SlipStop® – a wide funnel leak collector – an innovative solution created to manage risk within hazardous areas. SlipStop® has become a favourite among our customers and industry professionals and been nominated for multiple awards. 27th March 2019 3 elements of a top cleaning service facilities managers often forget A good cleaning service enables successful shopping centres to have high levels of footfall, high frequency of footfall and high conversion from footfall to sales. With shopping centres and retail destinations having a myriad of leisure experiences from shopping and dining to exercise, relaxation and entertainment, there are few single factors that can affect these 3 key measures of success more than cleanliness.   By Alistair Oakley 3rd August 2017 Innovations in PPE clothing that your PPE suppliers should be telling you about PPE or Personal protection equipment (to give it its full title) is an essential part of cleaning operations with PPE clothing offering protection to staff, clients and visitors and the environment. If PPE suppliers advise correctly, they can bring significant benefits to your overall cleaning operations. One might imagine that the development of PPE equipment is limited, as this product area has been around a long time and most products must be quite mature? Well think again, new trends are emerging offering new benefits to users. 16th June 2017 5 new ideas in cleaning supplies and management that could improve your efficiency by 20% Facilities management software is already becoming the next big innovation in the management of buildings and estates. Essentially, these software packages manage and automate repetitive tasks saving time and expense. 1st June 2017 5 winning solutions to improving washrooms Public perception of an organisation can be set in stone once a visitor has used the washroom so keeping them in top condition is vital. Washrooms deliver another important function in delivering improvements in public or workplace hygiene. Choosing the right washroom solutions can lead to a marked improvement in facilities management performance and the user feedback rankings of any organisation. 7th April 2017 4 tactics to employ when choosing a top cleaning supplies company For some, choosing suppliers is a hassle, and trying to find a supplier that suits you has its challenges. Yet, choosing suppliers gives you the chance to improve your service, reduce cost, develop a fresh perspective, all to help make improvements to your current practices. 17th March 2017 Arrow County Showcase 'Innovation' at The London Cleaning Show Part of being successful in the cleaning industry is staying on top of your occupation. Trade shows and conferences are imperative for your professional growth and development.  It's not always possible to attend every single event but on the 14th -16th March 2017 London Excel will be holding the biggest cleaning show in the capital and you must attend. These events, are designed to bring together facilities managers, suppliers and buyers. By Alistair Oakley 24th February 2017 5 Skills Facilities Managers Can Develop Alongside the Day Job The role of a facilities manager is often rewarding. Though the hours are long and the constant maintenance and cleaning regimes are tough, it’s an important role in any organisation. Directing staff and overseeing the upkeep of cleaning supplies, is fundamental for success. However, whilst you may feel rushed off your feet, these top 5 tips will help you discover other important topics, relevant to the day job. 14th February 2017 Our Top 5 Favourite Innovations in Cleaning and Hygiene Practice The cleaning industry is constantly evolving, and new technology and procedures are improving the quality and efficiency of cleaning and hygiene practice worldwide. 16th January 2017 The Virtual Reality Experience Come and explore the new 3D washroom experience from Metsa and Katrin. This is an all new way of viewing and choosing your washroom products using the latest Virtual Reality (VR) technology. By Alistair Oakley 13th January 2017