Have you ever wondered how much Plastic, Carbon Dioxide and Crude Oil you could be saving on Cleaning Chemicals?


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Exclusive to our greencare® range, our greensavings® calculator lets you predict, monitor, and measure your CO2, crude oil and plastic savings compared to using standard cleaning chemicals. By getting in touch, we can provide you the information you need to prove your sustainability, promote your efforts, and save on products harmful to the environment!

The greencare® range is from one of the most innovative, sustainable cleaning brands, featuring products that combine highly powerful solutions with a new level of environmental sustainability. This provides a competitive advantage by allowing customers to reduce their Carbon Footprint through the following:

Circular Economy: Greencare® products follow the principles of circular economy, through keeping products and materials in use, regenerating resources, and reducing waste. This is achieved through responsible use of supplies, including closed-loop packaging, using 100% recycled plastic from local consumer waste and sustainable energy solutions. This involves a LEED-certified manufacturing facility, generating 20% more energy than it uses.

Sustainable Sources: All greencare® chemicals are sourced from 100% natural ingredients. Whilst the chemicals are highly effective, they are also "kind" to the environment and fully biodegrade, returning to earth's natural resources.

Formulations: the greencare® range has solutions for all cleaning regimes - from washroom detergents to eco friendly floor cleaner to the innovative Quick & Easy® portable chemical dosing system. There are products for everyday use and problem-solvers - all producing high level results.

 Cradle-to-Cradle: The product range holds a new level of environment standards, Cradle-to-Cradle Gold. As the leading global sustainability standard, the product has been proven and certified that production has had a positive impact and hasn’t depleted any of the planet’s resources.


As the only UK supplier of greencare®, the sustainable cleaning products that Arrow have provided have made a total saving of:

13,500kg CO2

12,900kg Plastic

4,300kg Crude Oil

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