What are the benefits of agile working in commercial cleaning services? Agile working is a way of working using a range of work protocols that allow commercial cleaning services teams and organisations to make broader choices about when, where and how they work. It leverages mobile connectivity and can be harnessed by people working both on-site and away from the traditional office locations, such as people’s homes, on the road or remotely in other sites. 7th July 2017 Spotting signs of failing cleaning services early, can reduce customer churn It is reported that cleaning companies lose around 55% of their client base each year due to poor service. One of the big problems within the industry is that good work goes unnoticed but if something goes wrong it'll be picked up immediately.* 5th June 2017 Prevent Slips Trips and Falls with this 5 Step Process The most common injuries at work come from slips, trips and falls according to the Health and Safety Executive. These injuries “cost employers over £512m per year”. It is clearly an owners or employer’s responsibility to reduce the risk to visitors and staff so what do you need to know? By Alistair Oakley 21st April 2017 Brexit? You Still Need Our Essential Guide to the EU Public Procurement Rules for 2016/17 Public Contracts Regulations 2015 currently apply in England, Wales and Northern Ireland – these regulations state that any public procurement activities over a given value must be advertised in the European Union’s Official Journal (OJEU).  20th January 2017 5 bold claims that mean we should celebrate having COSHH As most of you know COSHH is the implementation of a key bit of health and safety legislation and ordinarily as soon as we hear those words “health and safety” our hearts start to sink. Don’t despair, as well as complying with important legislation designed to improve safety in the workplace, implementing and adhering to COSHH can have some surprising benefits for your cleaning operations. 11th January 2017