Arrow County are pleased to announce we have successfully advanced from EcoVadis Silver to EcoVadis Gold!

This achievement demonstrates our ongoing commitment to ethical business practise, and the key role sustainability plays in our corporate strategy. Achieving EcoVadis Gold places Arrow in the top 5% of 85,000+ companies assessed by EcoVadis globally, demonstrating the environmental value of operating the Arrow Way.

Arrow are EcoVadis Gold!

A step forward on our journey to operate ‘For Humanity’.

Arrow have been working with EcoVadis for 3 years to evaluate and improve our sustainability performance, maintaining a continual cycle of improvements and actions that have enabled us to achieve Gold-level rating – a significant milestone in our ‘For Humanity’ journey.

Yet this award is not an end, but rather a step forward in our sustainability journey. We’re committed to continuously improving our whole-life impact and will use the results of this assessment to drive further, positive change for our People, the Planet, and our wider Community.

Find out more about our sustainability journey here.

Why we use EcoVadis

EcoVadis is the world’s most trusted provider of business sustainability ratings, operating a global sustainability assessment system that supports organisations in assessing and managing their sustainability practices.

Ethical, environmental, labor and human rights risks are critical issues for organisations of all sizes, industries and locations. Through EcoVadis, we are able to provide an independent validation of our progress across all these areas to our clients, prospects and wider supply chain partners – demonstrating our positive impact on customer supply chains and commitment to continuous improvement. With a global network of more than 100,000+ rated companies, Arrow’s score of 70/100 ranks us in the top 5% of all organisations assessed – demonstrating the strength of our ‘For Humanity’ strategy in driving sustainable improvements.

A trusted, rated methodology

EcoVadis issues a yearly ranking that covers 4 key themes:​​ Environment, Ethics, Labour & Human Rights, and Sustainable Procurement. Assessed organisations are required to meet minimum score thresholds to earn an EcoVadis medal, based on a 360o review of actions taken – with all evidence assessed by sustainability professionals and validated against EcoVadis’ due diligence database.

EcoVadis Assessment Methodology

4 levels of recognition

EcoVadis medals recognise companies demonstrating strong performance against specific sustainability, criteria, verified against global regulation requirements, global sustainability frameworks and best practices. Medals are split across 4 levels of recognition, with the following minimum assessment thresholds:

  • Platinum - top 1% (overall score between 78 and 100)
  • Gold - top 5% (overall score between 70 and 77)
  • Silver - top 25% (overall score between 59 and 69)
  • Bronze - top 50% (overall score between 50 and 58)

We are proud to have been awarded a Gold rating within each theme, reflecting our strong sustainable management across all operational areas and commitment to positive change within the cleaning and janitorial industry.

4 Key EcoVadis Rating