With over 2.6 million visitors to their public washrooms every year, maintaining cleaning standards across the Council is an ongoing challenge. However, faced with a persistent waste problem, the Council’s cleaning team turned to Arrow for advice.

“People often don’t realise what it takes to keep a building clean and tidy. We have to deliver certainty and reliability, with a quality promise not only for our residents and ratepayers, but also for millions of visitors who contribute to the region’s tourist economy every year.”

The Problem

Although they may be cleaned up to four times a day in the summer season, Ceredigion’s public washrooms are all unmanned. To protect against random acts of vandalism, all toilets were traditionally equipped with standard metal toilet tissue dispensers.

"Users and staff alike commented on how untidy the facilities looked. It wasn’t that they were dirty – but the accumulation of little, ripped pieces of paper gave that appearance, creating a less than positive perception of cleanliness – as well as creating extra work."

The Solution

As part of our Workplace Assessment programme, Arrow visited Ceredigion’s public washrooms to assess the problem first-hand. Following the assessment, Arrow recommended implementing their Andarta System 600 toilet roll dispensers.

“With Arrow's help, we were able to rethink the way we manage paper in our public washrooms. We have moved away from flat leaved to roll based, which has greatly improved the appearance and quality perceptions of the facilities, while at the same time reducing ongoing running costs.”

Robust enough to withstand the demands of their busy public washrooms, and with a greater towel capacity than most standard dispensers, Arrow’s System 600 proved to be the perfect solution. Following a successful trial, System 600 was installed in all public washrooms across the Council – a move which saw Jasmine’s team received their first 100% 'Good to Outstanding' feedback in their ongoing user survey.

"From Day 1 with Arrow I felt respected. As a company - as people - they are considerate and honest. Their team is really knowledgeable, and I trust their advice when it comes to making the right choices."