Having a growing portfolio of KFC Restaurants and Starbucks Coffee Houses, Managing Director of Gastronomy Foods, Akram Khan was keen to assess the current cleaning methods and equipment that they were employing and look at ways that they could increase efficiency and productivity.

“Arrow started as suppliers, but got to know our business and got involved with our business…we thought it was a good idea for them to see what they could do.”


Employing over 700 people, Akram needed to ensure that his exacting cleaning standards were being met across all sites, and with cleaning methods and equipment within their sites ever-evolving, the challenges they faced meant that they needed a supplier who could get to know every aspect of their business and look in detail at the problems that they were addressing.  After a 12 year relationship with Arrow as a supplier, he decided to access the Innovation in Action services that Arrow offers.

Arrow was invited to complete a detailed audit of how they cleaned and any improvements that could be made to increase efficiency and productivity, the audit was completed with minimal disruption to the workforce and highlighted areas for potential improvement.

“At the time, we couldn’t visualise exactly what we wanted or needed but all of the options meant that we could shape the products and tools we needed and moulded the product to what we needed.  They took all of our feedback after every session and by the time the final product came out, we had our fingerprints all over it.”

“Our business is forever changing and evolving, so innovation is key for me. There are new products and equipment and how to clean the new equipment changes”

Working closely with the Gastronomy team, Arrow embarked on their Innovation in Action Programme; a process that involves gaining a detailed understanding of the business and the difficulties they faced, extensive brainstorming sessions with an experienced team from Arrow and members of staff from Gastronomy Foods.  Working together, this programme created ideas and innovations that the Gastronomy Foods team had never thought possible and over the course of the sessions, 12 different products were brought to the table, ranging from simple ideas to complex products.

Structured feedback, delivered after every session, meant that Arrow were able to design a bespoke "niche brush" cleaning tools for Gastronomy Foods athat ensured their cleaning standards would be achieved.