Harness Innovation

Harness Innovation

We know that there will always be those parts of your cleaning programmes where you think “there must be an easier way” and we understand that it can be frustrating. These are often the processes that take you the most time and the ones that get put off or avoided. We help you think outside of the box to solve these problems through proving useful cleaning innovations. To us, innovation in commercial cleaning isn’t just about creating new products, it’s also about developing better working practices and adapting what you have to better suit your needs.

We are passionate about harnessing innovation in cleaning and are constantly seeking products and new ways of working that make your teams more productive, improve standards and reduce costs. Cleaning innovations can be brought about by persisting problems or simply the drive to become more efficient in your working practices.

We recognise the need for more efficient processes through new innovative products and we continuously explore our exclusive global supply relationships for the latest technology and cleaning innovations, on top of our own client led product development scheme.

You may have sought out solutions to your problem and had no success. This is probably because there isn’t a product out there that does what you want. Don’t worry, we can help. By investigating the problem and utilising our industry knowledge, we can develop an innovative prototype that can help you be even more efficient in your working practices and increase your already high hygiene standards.

They started supplying us with janitorial products in early 2016 at one of our sites on a trial basis, something that a lot of companies do not offer. The trial was very successful, with outstanding delivery and customer service from the beginning, it felt like we had been trading with Arrow for years. From the trial, we decided to roll out to the rest of our sites. During the roll out, Arrow were brilliant at communicating with us and efficiently carrying out our requests; it meant that we could operate as normal, with no disruption to business

Steve Whetton Cafe Fortune Ltd – Starbucks

Client Success - Café Fortune

A few months into our relationship, Arrow visited our restaurant in Crewe to undertake a Innovation Consultation, a programme specifically developed by Arrow. This was an assessment of the challenges that face the staff in maintaining a clean and hygienic restaurant.

After the visit, Arrow produced a fantastic report which detailed specific improvement areas and relevant solutions. There were a number of products already in existence that we weren’t aware of that Arrow were able to show us and these have made an immediate positive impact in terms of cost reduction, improved hygiene and reducing the time taken to carry out regular repetitive cleaning duties.

There were two particular issues that were highlighted, for which Arrow are developing bespoke solutions:

Storage of cleaning tools and equipment – currently tools and consumables are stored in various locations which means that they are not always to hand.
A health and safety risk solution to prevent ice used in the cold drinks ending up on the floor creating a slip hazard for staff at the counter.

We have been very impressed with Arrow’s approach. Their responsive approach to account management and customer service means that we don’t have to worry about a thing, and they feel more like an arm of our company as opposed to an external supplier