Is it possible to improve staff productivity, and decrease ongoing maintenance costs? Absolutely! With a significant amount of financial pressure impacting organisations, maintenance budgets are regularly being cut, putting pressure on staff and their productivity. Facilities and Operations Managers are often faced with tight maintenance budget constraints, leading to delays in small repairs which can increase costly labour activity in cleaning operations.

However here at Arrow County we want to share with you these 5 tips to help you improve staff productivity, by responding promptly to small maintenance needs.

  1. Take Care of Your Equipment

Ensure that your equipment is taken care of, using the right products to safeguard your tools will decrease your need for costly maintenance checks.

  1. Conduct Regular Evaluations and Set Incentives

Most organisations’ carry out frequent performance evaluations, however you can make yours more influential, by setting goals for reducing errors and increasing staff productivity. By providing incentives to employees, they become more inspired and are more likely to maintain the building in exchange for rewards.

  1. Understand Your Environment

It is crucial to know how many hours it takes to clean and support your building space. It is easy to underestimate, so getting the hours right will ensure the correct number of staff are deployed. For example, if you need two members of cleaning staff instead of one, this extra support will ensure the task is carried out properly reducing pressure and decreasing the need for maintenance.

  1. Train Your Employees

It is imperative that organisations train staff to use their products and equipment properly, this helps avoid errors and mistakes. These faults can cause expensive maintenance bills, and if staff are unsure, these mistakes can lead to increased maintenance jobs.

  1. Get Staff Involved

Get your staff involved, they work on the front line so it is vital they are on the same as page as you. Explain your desire to reduce maintenance costs and invite their input on better ways to do that. Involving staff members in decisions, help them feel more invested in the business and they will do all they can to be supportive.

Following these 5 simple steps will help you create a plan to ensure your staff are productive and your maintenance and cleaning operations costs are managed.