Changing stock levels, uncertain supply and huge demand has meant our team has faced some big challenges during the Coronavirus pandemic, but we are proud to say that we have been able to support key industries from Day 1.

Our aim, after all, has always been to make keeping safe as easy as possible, and our huge range of dedicated COVID-19 products does just that. Staff across the business have worked tirelessly to ensure supply of the products you need, and their work has more than paid off.

But more than that, we’ve tried to support you. At Arrow, we focus on not simply on supply, but on advising and supporting you. Our Working Safely During COVID-19 brochure does just that, keeping you up-to-date with the best practices and products to help stop the spread.

It’s a fantastic portfolio of products, showcasing everything we love about The Arrow Way and it has been a huge hit. We feel incredibly fortunate to have been able to share our industry knowledge during these difficult times.

We’d love to help you! If you have any questions, contact our team at [email protected].