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SlipStop® Leak Collector

Leaks in public spaces can create numerous health and safety risks for both visitors and staff. These risks not only include slips, trips and falls for the public, it also puts businesses and organisations at risk of liability claims. This is why we created SlipStop® – a wide funnel leak collector – an innovative solution created to manage risk within hazardous areas.

Every SlipStop® now comes with the FREE  Collect Bucket.
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Over 10,000 employees suffered a major injury as a result of a slip or trip at work in 2008/09*

Every day the UK insurance industry pays out £3.3 million in general liability claims**

A Leading Safety Solution – Say goodbye to buckets and floor signs

SlipStop®, a leading safety solution, is a leak collector device that has been designed by the experts at Arrow County Supplies to simultaneously define a hazardous area, while mitigating the slip hazard. Providing a safer environment to visitors, staff and indeed, your business or organisation.


The benefits of SlipStop® to you and your visitors

SlipStop® leak collector not only manages the risk of liquid leaks in public places, it provides a much more efficient process of collecting dripping liquids and securing the affected area. The benefits of using a SlipStop® leak catcher includes:

Keeping visitors safe

SlipStop® acts as a hazard control, collecting water efficiently and out of sight

Superior coverage

Wide funnel design effectively collects leaks and can be used in conjunction with another SlipStop® to increase coverage further

Efficient manual handling

Consolidates the need for signage and equipment in one innovative package – simple to both fold away and assemble

High Visibility

Effectively combining contemporary appearance and high visibility – further improving visitor safety and maximising your professional image

Find out how ABM group benefited from the SlipStop® Leak Collector.

Managing a slip hazard in public places

A liquid leak in buildings and public spaces which are open to high footfall, creates a higher risk of an accident. Currently, the most common way of dealing with water dripping from a ceiling in these hazardous areas is to place a bucket beneath the affected area with various slip hazard floor signs and cordon off the area, alerting passers-by of the hazard. Once the area is secured, only then can corrective action be taken.

SlipStop® leak collector significantly simplifies this process of collecting dripping liquids, along with securing the hazardous area. To find out more about the benefits of using a SlipStop® leak collector, in comparison to the more conventional methods, get in touch with the team on [email protected].

*Source: public sector information licensed under the Open Government Licence v3.0

**Source: ABI,2006