The Arrow Way

At Arrow we do things differently and provide not just exceptional, personal customer support and service, but also an insight led approach to ensure we understand your specific needs and objectives.

We take time to conduct detailed investigations of current operations to help identify potential alternative ways of working or tooling. This helps you in the delivery of agreed business objectives, such as hygiene improvement or reducing costs. We work hard to ensure that we provide responsive and knowledgeable teams. In the expert provision of cleaning supplies, they provide our high quality, dependable customer service and this approach means our customers come back time after time. This is what we call the “Arrow Way”.

To find out more about our methods, watch our handy video below!



Our unique team of experts take the time to understand your needs, goals and resources.


Ensuring a mutually rewarding communications process.

We help you review your working methods and tool selection to identify possible improvements and to help you harness relevant innovations in cleaning and hygiene.

We understand that budget management and cost reduction is crucial and also recognise that this has to be done at the same time as maintaining your high standards. Our knowledge and advice services are at the heart of everything we do to help our customers. By harnessing our expertise you can rely on us to help you meet your objectives.



Our sustainable national and international sourcing gives you flexible product choice, competitive pricing and a superior range. We continually source new products and have a comprehensive selection under our Andarta brand.


Our focus is to deliver “on time and in full”. We go the extra mile to make sure that every order is received when it is expected through our professional and friendly team.

We take pride in offering a highly personal and responsive service to customers that exceeds expectations.

This is supported by our stock holding and advanced logistics systems so we can make sure we have the right products for you so that you can depend on us to deliver on time and in full.

We deliver on our promises so you can keep yours.



Our leadership team are focused on trying to find ways of meeting emerging demands and special requests.


Whatever your query, whether it’s an email about a current order, a product enquiry or to discuss any aspect of your account, you can expect a friendly, efficient and professional response.

We invest in to customer relationships and take the time to listen. We work hard to make your life simple and our dedicated Customer Response team handle queries quickly and efficiently, so you can be confident your problem will be solved.

Our dedicated “simplicity” team is made up of all our senior managers and meets every week. This team investigates customer enquiries and requests with the aim of finding new ways of working, ways to satisfy new requirements or to review and resolve issues that arise.