The University of Derby wanted to increase efficiency in their cleaning routines along with saving money on their cleaning products. Arrow provided them with the best solution, recommending they use Quick & Easy GREASE Off and TANET Interior spray to achieve the best results. Arrow also provided training to the University of Derby to maximum usage efficiency.

"We are receiving positive results after the training that was given by Arrow in regards to the Quick & Easy products.We have a folder that contains the information of when we started using the GREASE off product, allowing us to monitor how long it lasts before we order another one. Currently the bottles are lasting us between 6 and 8 weeks and some are even lasting longer due to Arrow’s advice on managing how much we use and where we use it.

We use the GREASE off spray only in the kitchen, whereas before we were using the GREASE off and TANET interior in the kitchen. This means that our TANET interior spray lasts us longer. This also shows that all of the cleaners are taking the training on board and following the instructions correctly.

We think the products are great!"


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