About The Trust

Covering an area of more than 5,000 square miles and responding to around 3,000 ‘999’ calls each day, cleaning efficiency is a high priority for The Trust. As their main cleaning and janitorial supplier, Arrow were contacted to help investigate process across The Trust.

Our Innovation Programme

The program involved a comprehensive analysis of everything involved in delivering patient service, from the procurement and distribution of cleaning, hygiene and clinical products to the process of cleaning and re-equipping the ambulances.

Cleaning procedures, products and systems were studied by our Innovation Team. This involved spending a ‘day in the life’ and shadowing ambulance station staff in various roles. This was followed by an investigation into how improvements could be achieved.

The Results

A report of the key findings in terms of cleaning processes and equipment was presented to the trust clearly identifying areas of risk, waste, cost reduction opportunities and other improvements, including:

  • We found a way to dispense nitrile gloves that is quicker and more hygienic, saving time for paramedics.

  • We provided a mop for cleaning the ambulance floor and ramp that is more absorbent and does not lint.

  • We enabled a 20-30% reduction in task time in the weekly deep clean.

  • We found a method to quickly remove dirt and return the AED bags to an ‘as new’ standard, these bags typically get very dirty on operations and are awkward to clean effectively.

“I see Arrow as an expert distributor, not just a supplier. I was attracted to Arrow from the start as they don’t have to go outside the organisation to get things done. As an independent family business, we find Arrow a more personal, cohesive unit. They are faster, more nimble and quicker off the mark to do things compared to larger organisations.”