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Introducing our new partnership with Zonitise!

COVID has had a huge impact on the cleaning industry. Cleaning time has increased exponentially as teams work to keep touchpoints and other surfaces safe across facilities. Cleaning regimes have been completely reinvented to support decontamination and sanitisation, leading to huge increases in cleaning time and spend.

Physically, it’s exhausting. To be effective, every surface must be clean. Manual cleaning processes are enormously time consuming and must be repeated time and time again to ensure a consistently safe environment. As a result, cleaning times have almost doubled: to manage this increased demand, facilities are having to employ increasing numbers cleaning staff, leading to cleaning costs spiralling out of control.

For most workplaces, this approach is unsustainable – and that’s why we’re partnered with Zonitise.

Here at Arrow we’re always looking for innovations that make your everyday cleaning processes easier. Zonitise is a unique, fully-certified surface treatment, combing cutting-edge nano-technology with cleaning specialism to not only deep clean surfaces, but leave them constantly self-sanitising for up to one year per application.

It’s a completely new approach to surface cleaning and, with proven efficacy against harmful microbes including TGEV Coronavirus, MRSA, E.coli and influenza, it gives you peace of mind that your working environment is safe, clean and protected.

Requiring no maintenance other than your standard cleaning regime, Zonitise is the perfect solution for any workplace.

Visit or contact our team at [email protected] for more information!


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