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The risk to toilet paper supply in the event of a no-deal Brexit has been a hot topic in parliament and the media in recent days – we want to reassure you that we are ready and prepared to continue supplying you with   cleaning and janitorial products, regardless of the outcome of Brexit.

Arrow supply a range of cleaning products to customers across the UK, importing from UK, European and Global manufacturers, as well as manufacturing own-brand products. Managing Director, Bruce Blackledge, leads a proactive approach to monitoring all Government-published updates on the outcome of negotiations, implementing recommended contingency actions: “We are acutely aware of the impacts that a no-deal could have on our customers. With this in mind, I would like to give you our assurances that we are working on this very closely and actively taking steps to mitigate the risk of interruption to our service levels during this time.”

Arrow have implemented various contingency measures and have robust plans in place to protect the reliability of our supply to our excellent fulfillment scores, in excess of 99%.

Head of Supply Chain, Marc Bailey, is keen to further reassure our customers and the marketplace that we are ready for a no-deal Brexit: “In addition to our existing storage facilities, we have secured 25% additional space to enable us to accommodate increased stock levels. Having run extensive analysis, we have identified the key product lines (predominantly paper and refuse sacks) likely to be impacted and have increased stock-holding of these lines to supply well into 2020, with further contingency orders due before October 31st.

The refurbishment of our head office ‘Arrow House’ has proved to be a hit among staff and visitors since its completion in May 2019.

The new space has helped to accommodate our ever growing team and provided an innovative show room to demonstrate our products to customers.

The photos below show some key elements of this new space, including a large extended staff kitchen, more meeting spaces and product demonstration areas.



This refurbishment was part funded by the European Development Fund.

We are delighted to announce that Arrow has won the Small Business Award at The NHS in the Midlands Excellence in Supply Awards 2019!


The NHS in the Midlands Excellence in Supply Awards 2019 promotes and celebrates private sector organisations working in partnership with the NHS to deliver high quality,

effective and efficient patient care; helping the health service to do more for less.


The NHS are important partners to Arrow and we look forward to driving more product solutions and innovations to improve efficiencies for our healthcare service.





IIP is a world-recognised standard that reflects the best in people management excellence and is underpinned by assessment around 3 key indicators –  Leading (clarity of vision, purpose and inspiring employees to perform), Supporting (how jobs are designed, reward and recognition and performance management) and Improving (how capabilities are developed, and resources, plans and innovation to achieve the company’s objectives)

This achievement follows many hours of preparation by staff and managers across all teams and departments in the business, an in-depth assessment from an independent reviewing body including confidential interviews with a large number of staff from all departments, an online survey which was open to all staff to complete and other observations by the independent assessor.

The IIP assessor noted “everyone interviewed agrees their roles are designed to encourage and enable them to collaborate and work as a team. Formal and informal networks are in place including the Colleague Circle health and safety and CSR working groups.”

“Virtually everyone surveyed (98%) agreed the company has a plan for the future, the same proportion (98%) agrees the company is a great place to work. Everyone interviewed enjoys working at Arrow, many feeling it’s the best place they’ve ever worked.”


Only 17% of organisations currently hold the Gold standard so this is a fantastic accolade for Arrow County Supplies. This shows just how motivated and committed our team are, and how dedicated we are as an organisation to making the Arrow team the A-Team!


Arrow County Supplies are proud to announce that we have received our certificate for ISO 45001 – Occupational Health and Safety Management systems.

ISO 45001 is a new standard that aims to reduce the burden of occupational injuries and diseases which is significant across the globe, resulting in losses from early retirement, staff absence and rising insurance premiums. The standard provides a framework to improve employee safety, reduce workplace risks and create better, safer working conditions, all over the world.